Easy Ways to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

Once summer comes, you might be looking to save a bit more on cooling your home. Air conditioning can make your home a lot more comfortable, but if you’ve noticed your energy bills climbing bit-by-bit each year, you can take certain steps to see some savings before autumn rolls around!

The experts at Mr. Furnace have been working with furnaces, ventilation, and air conditioners since 1978. We’ve learned a trick or two on how to keep your costs down when you’re dealing with months of heat and humidity.

Why You Shouldn’t Open Your Windows Too Much

The St. Catherines and Niagara regions experience a high level of humidity. Annually, humidity averages 71%, which is high compared to other parts of the country.

Humid climates contain a lot of moist air, which can absorb and retain a lot of heat. Moist air containing more water vapour makes it harder to warm up or cool down — thanks to the unique way water molecules transfer heat. Humidity means higher energy bills for air conditioning.

So if you let too much fresh, hot air in, and then try to cool it, your bill will reflect the extra work your air conditioner does to maintain a steady temperature.

Easy Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Over the years, Mr. Furnace’s HVAC experts have learned a few things you can do to preserve the conditioned air in your home that require minimal effort. Preventing cool air from escaping and improving air circulation are 2 easy ways you can start saving on your cooling bill.


Windows can leak cooled air. The seals around your windows can crack with expanding and contracting ice and water over time. A home improvement store will have the supplies you need to recaulk the seals, so less air can escape through the cracks.

Open Windows at Night

Some households open windows wide at night, closing them early in the morning. This method traps cooler air in your home. Use this trick sparingly; true, you’ll get crisp, humid air to work with as it heats up during the daytime, but moist air might damage the interior of your home over time.

Close Your Blinds in Daytime & Open Them at Night

The more windows you have, the more your home has in common with a greenhouse. Glass doesn’t conduct heat very well, but it allows sunlight through, which then allows the interior to absorb some of the sun’s infrared energy as heat

Because of the way glass allows this sunlight in, it can let radiated heat out into the night in the same way. Deserts get cold at night for the same reason.

If you close your blinds during the sun’s brightest hours, that infrared light can’t be absorbed by your interior as heat. If you really like your natural lighting or your windows afford a great view, consider closing the blinds just for the late morning and early afternoon.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans usually have 2 settings, controlling the direction of the spin. Set it to spin so that your fan sucks air upwards. You’ll get the hot air gathering at the ceiling, and the cool air will distribute more evenly around the room thanks to convection airflow.

Smart Thermostats

Our experienced technicians at Mr. Furnace love smart thermostats because they give your air conditioner a break while the home is empty. If you’re going away for a few days, you can let the house warm up and remotely use your smartphone to cool your house back down a few hours before you return.

Well Maintained Air Conditioners Work Better

AC technician working on outdoor air conditioning compressor

Wear and tear can impact your air conditioner’s performance with each passing year. But a forced-air system benefits from HVAC maintenance mainly by prolonging its life.

Moreover, smoother operation thanks to regular AC maintenance means less energy used and more money saved. This maintenance ensures that it keeps running like new — years after installation.

Small Efforts Save Money Over Time

If you’re considering an upgrade to a new system, there are newer models that are much more energy-efficient than older models, and the experts at Mr. Furnace can recommend an air conditioning system that’s right for your home. Combining these tips with a new AC unit, you can see a dramatically lower energy bill each summer.