Easy Ways to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

Once summer comes, you might be looking to save a bit more on cooling your home. Air conditioning can make your home a lot more comfortable, but if you’ve noticed your energy bills climbing bit-by-bit each year, you can take certain steps to see some savings before autumn rolls around! The experts at Mr. Furnace […]Read More

The Complete Guide To Central Air Conditioners

Canada may be famous for its brutal winters, but as everyone who lives in the St. Catharine’s and Niagara area knows, our summers can also be sweltering and humid. A central air conditioner can help you stay cool and keep your home comfortable even when the weather outside is hot and muggy. What Is a […]Read More

What Are Ductless Air Conditioners & Are They Right For My Home?

A Flexible Cooling Solution Regardless of the season, we want our homes to be a comfortable oasis, free from the pressures of everyday stressors. But it can be a challenge to sit back and relax if your home temperature is too hot or too cold. Mr. Furnace believes that your home should be just right […]Read More