Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning your dryer vent regularly reduces the risk of fire, helps ensure maximum efficiency, and extends the life of your dryer.

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Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in St. Catharines & the Niagara Region

What Sets Us Apart

We work hard to provide our customers with unparalleled customer service. That means it comes as no surprise that we have an average 4.5-star rating on Google, and the Better Business Bureau has granted us an A+ rating.

Our experienced team will ensure that all dust, lint, and other debris is removed from your dryer vent.

At Mr. Furnace, we maintain our high standard of service by ensuring that all technicians have the right certifications for the job at hand and receive ongoing training. We stand behind all the work our company does, and back that work with our guarantees. All of our employees are also required to pass a background check and be bondable.

The experts at Mr. Furnace have been in the furnace, air conditioning, and ventilation business since 1978. Our keen attention to detail and high standards set us apart, and ensure that all of our customers are in good hands.

What Customers Say

“I am very pleased with my service. This is the second year in a row that I have had Claude and he does an amazing job. Very informative, efficient and friendly! I have no worries when Claude comes to service our boiler.”

- Kyle B.

“Robin was very efficient and respective. I recommend Mr. Furnace to my friends.”

- Jack F.

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We’re The Experts On Furnaces and More

Mr. Furnace Heating & Air Conditioning is the preferred choice for home comfort in the St. Catharines and Niagara region. In fact, we have been for over 40 years. And now, as part of the Right Time™ Heating and Air Conditioning group, we are able to serve you even better.

With a larger network of experienced professionals, exceptional training and certification, as well as the added value of standard guarantees, you can trust Mr. Furnace for all of your HVAC needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every dryer produces lint that builds up over time. The same lint you find in your dryer’s lint trap can also be found in your dryer vents. While you may not notice it, this lint should be removed regularly. Lint buildup poses a significant safety risk as it increases your home’s chances of a dryer fire.

How often you need to clean your dryer vents will vary depending on how much laundry you do. While it’s hard to give an exact timeline, there are few things you’ll notice when you need to have your vents cleaned. For one, you may actually see the lint buildup in your vents. You may also notice that your clothes are taking longer to dry.

How long a dryer vent cleaning takes will vary based on your home, but generally, most cleanings take 2 to 4 hours. The cleaning will take closer to 4 hours if your dryer vents haven’t been cleaned in a long time because there will be more lint to remove. The accessibility of your vents can also impact the cleaning time.

Our Guarantees

Whether we are installing an air conditioner or repairing your furnace, the team at Mr. Furnace stands behind our work. We aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied, and we will do everything we can to ensure that your experience with us is a great one.

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No Loopholes™

We aren’t satisfied until you are 100% satisfied with our craftsmanship, products, and materials. If within two years of the date of installation, you are not completely satisfied with our service or the quality and performance of your home comfort system, and we can’t make it right for you then we will gladly remove the system and return your original investment.


No Hassles™

If your new system breaks down within the first year, leaving you without heating or cooling, we guarantee that we will repair your equipment within twenty-four hours of your call or we will fix your problem for free and give you $1,000 to apologize for the inconvenience.


Just Right™

Not too hot, not too cold… Just Right!™ If your system does not achieve the temperature you desire, we will make any modifications up to and including replacing the entire system at no charge.


We Respect You™

We promise that while our technicians are in your home, they will respect your property, protect it from damage, and leave their work area as clean as they found it. If we fail to meet any of the high standards we have set for ourselves, we will give you our full Five Year System Check-Up Package free of charge.

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Since 1978, the friendly experts at Mr. Furnace have serviced over 15,000 homes and counting!

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We guarantee all of our work for one year after the date of installation.

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Mr. Furnace has been serving families in St. Catharines and the Niagara region since 1978.

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Reliable service, whenever you need it. No additional charge for after-hours, weekend, or holiday appointments.

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All of our technicians undergo a thorough background check and extensive training.

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We have an average 4.5-star rating on Google, and the Better Business Bureau® has awarded us an A+ rating.

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