Mold is found inside every home. But when mold becomes excessive, health problems and issues with your home can be a result. But one question that you might have is if mold can grow in your air ducts. The truth is, mold can certainly grow in the ductwork of your home, but it is very uncommon. Mold grows wherever there is moisture and food, so our ducts can undoubtedly see mold from time to time. The next thing you might be wondering is if duct cleaning service can remove this mold. Typically, the answer is yes, but it depends on the company. Some companies don’t have mold cleaning as part of their duct cleaning service, or some companies might charge extra if mold is present. Take the following steps if you suspect there’s mold inside your air ducts:

Check for Evidence of Mold

If you suspect you have mold inside your air ducts, try to get a closer look. Put your nose in front of your air vents and determine if you can smell mold. Another way to check is to open up your vents and take a look for yourself. Shine a flashlight down your vents and look for anything that resembles mold. Look for large brown or black spots, and check the walls for any unusual textures or growth. However, it’s nearly impossible to see through all of your air ducts, so you might need to seek a professional to do a further examination.

Call a Duct Cleaning Professional

After searching through your ducts to find evidence of mold, the next step would be to call a duct cleaning specialist. Many HVAC contractors have duct cleaning services or there are some duct cleaning companies out there. First, ask if the company offers duct cleaning. If they do, you should then ask if their duct cleaning service includes mold removal. Depending on the severity of the mold problem, the company may not charge for mold removal. However, if mold is present, some companies might charge extra for this service, which is not unusual given the danger and special equipment used for mold removal.

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