After months of going without any sort of heating, save for the odd day here and there, it can be easy to forget about your heating system and truly appreciate its lifesaving abilities in the months to come. And, while the added expense can look a little daunting at face value, getting your furnace checked isn't as bad as you think!

For example, while we take for granted the idea of having a giant, fuel-burning machine running endlessly in our basements, furnaces require proper inspection and maintenance at regular intervals to ensure safety for a household's occupants. When it comes to regular, annual check-ups, you aren't just paying for a simple inspection, you're buying safety and peace of mind for your whole family.

Carbon monoxide leaks are sadly one of the most underestimated risks when it comes to a family's well-being, and prevention is key. Furnace maintenance is not a luxury; nor is it a convenience, it's a lifesaver.

It is also worth noting that, after factoring in all the hidden costs of not getting your furnace checked, the initial expense isn't much of an expense at all. Not only do regular check-ups prevent the need for future repairs, but they also keep a furnace running smoothly year-round for optimal performance and energy savings.

Not to mention, preventative inspections will generally inconvenience a family much less than having a repair person drop by when something goes wrong. The right company will also take it upon themselves to cover any bases often expected of the homeowner, such as filter changes and unblocking any drainage problems, taking a load off of the owner's shoulders.

These check-ups should be on any homeowner's annual to-do list at the very least. While there may be a bit of wiggle room depending on one's furnace unit and its corresponding handbook, ensuring at least a yearly check-up is in the best interest of the proactive homeowner's wallet, as well as their time - which could be better spent with their family, rather than with the repairman.

We tell you this because Mr. Furnace doesn't believe in unnecessary, unneeded costs for the consumer. We make educated decisions based on what continues to work for optimal furnace performance at the lowest possible expense to you.

In a season where everyone's furnace is waking up from hibernation, now is the time to take the preventative measures necessary to keep this winter running smoothly, to keep your energy levels low, cheap and efficient, and to stay warm.