Your home’s air conditioning system might be the most important piece of equipment in your home. But it’s important to understand that your system won’t work perfectly forever. As these AC units pump out ice-cold air day in and day out, problems are likely at some point. But if you make sure to keep up with AC maintenance, in addition to fixing problems as they come up, you and your whole family can benefit from a strong-performing unit for many years to come. Not sure what AC problems to look out for? Keep reading to find out 5 common AC issues that you might notice.

Faulty Wiring

During the installation process, a repair, or just in normal daily functioning, the wiring of your system can develop some problems, which can lead to your system shutting down. Given how intricate and confusing these wiring systems can be, we recommend seeking a professional to fix your wiring issue.

Low or Leaking Refrigerant

As your air conditioner gets used every day during the summer, you might run into a leaking refrigerant problem or you might need a recharge. When the level of refrigerant isn't at an adequate level, you could see numerous system problems.

Dirty Filter

One of the leading causes of air conditioning problems lies with having a dirty AC filter. As our indoor air is filtered, dust, allergens, and other air pollutants get trapped in the filter. Over time, these filters can get clogged, which can mean multiple issues for your AC unit.

Drainage Issues

Any standard central AC unit has a drainage component attached. Similar to our filters, these too can get dirty and clogged. When this happens, the drain pan will fill up with water, which can cause harmful leaks that can damage your air conditioner. Keeping these clean and draining-properly will help prevent any drainage problems in the future.

Leaks in Home

Whenever there are leaks in your windows, doors, or in your ductwork, it has a huge effect on your energy-efficiency and performance of your system. While any leak can be damaging, the most harmful ones are leaks in your windows or doors, which lets that miserable warm air into your home.

Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning Can Help

No matter what problem you’re having with your air conditioner, our reliable and dedicated technicians can provide the service you trust. From fixing wiring issues to repairing refrigerant leaks, we can ensure you stay cool all summer long. We have a wide selection of top-notch AC products, in addition to the highly-dependable services that we carry.  Contact us today to see how we can improve your comfort!