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HVAC Fort Erie: Air conditioner installation and repair
HVAC Fort Erie: Air conditioner installation and repair

HVAC Services in Fort Erie

HVAC Fort Erie

Keep your family and your home comfortable all year round with professional HVAC services performed by the expert technicians at Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning. With over 45 years of experience, our team consists of industry-leading professionals who have the skills and knowledge to provide homeowners with innovative solutions to all their HVAC needs. Whether repairs, maintenance, or installations, homeowners can rest assured knowing their home is in good hands.

We work tirelessly to ensure our customers experience excellent customer service, efficient appointments, and high-quality, long-lasting results. Call us directly or book a free home consultation with the team at Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning today so you can get back to enjoying the comforts of your home in no time.


After 45 years of successful operations throughout the community of Fort Erie, Ontario, Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning have proudly worked with thousands of homeowners to install air conditioning systems and other HVAC units throughout their homes. With each partnership we make, our team of professional HVAC technicians recognizes that every homeowner and home is different.

Because of this, before we are able to provide you with an installation cost, homeowners in Fort Erie must book a free consultation with a member of the Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning team. During your free at-home consultation, one of our professional and friendly technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and current air conditioning unit if you already have one installed in your home. Further, once this inspection is complete, they will be able to provide you with professional recommendations on how to maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Therefore, while we are unable to provide you with an installation cost before inspecting the unique features of your home, we can provide you with a list of elements we will consider that will ultimately determine the final cost of your installation: 

  • Whether you want to install a duct or ductless air conditioning unit 
  • The quality of your air duct system
  • The type, size, and brand of the air conditioning unit you choose 
  • The scope and size of the project
  • The cost of labour 
  • The variety of techniques required by our technicians to install your new unit 
  • The SEER rating you’re your new AC unit.
  • The British Thermal Units (BTUs) of your AC unit in comparison to your home’s square footage 
  • The number of air conditioning units you want to install 

As you can see, there is a lot more that goes into ensuring your HVAC installation is installed correctly. However, with the help of the team at Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ll make sure that your home’s energy efficiency is maximized to provide comfort to you and your family while saving you money on your monthly heating and cooling bill. From start to finish, you can rest assured knowing that Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning has to go your back! 

We’re also happy to provide homeowners financing on all HVAC systems, including air conditioners! Call us today or book a free consultation online for more information!

Regardless of whether your HVAC system requires repair or maintenance, homeowners in Fort Erie can rest assured knowing that Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning has got them covered. With the 24/7 availability of emergency services, homeowners will never have to worry about living in an uncomfortable indoor home environment due to problems with their HVAC system. With that being said, all air conditioning units are different. Therefore, before we are able to provide you with a cost for your HVAC service call, a professional technician from Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning will need to come to your home and assess the problem. 

Nonetheless, at Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning, our business is happy to offer homeowners in Fort Erie a free estimate before any work is performed. In addition, we are also able to provide you with a list of factors that your professional technician will consider that will determine the cost of your service:

  • The scope of maintenance or repair required 
  • The complexity of your home’s HVAC unit 
  • Whether spare parts will be needed to fix mechanical problems
  • The size of your HVAC unit 
  • The age and current condition of your home’s HVAC unit 
  • The cost of labor 
  • The accessibility of your home’s HVAC unit

Do you think there is something wrong with your HVAC in Fort Erie? If the answer is yes, then the team at Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to help.

Generally speaking, homeowners in For Erie should aim to have their HVAC system serviced at least once every year to ensure that it is working optimally. However, if you have both heating and cooling in your home, you will want to service your HVAC unit twice a year.

For all heating units, we suggest homeowners book a service appointment with Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning during the early Fall. This will ensure that your heating unit will be able to function optimally throughout the winter. In addition, it will also provide your technician with enough time to diagnose and fix any potential problems that may arise during our inspection.

On the other hand, if you have air conditioning in your home, we recommend homeowners book an appointment with us in the early spring. Again, this is going to provide us with enough time to diagnose and fix any potential issues we may observe during your service while ensuring that your air conditioning unit will perform optimally as the weather begins to heat up in your area.

Are you due for service on your HVAC system? Book an appointment with Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning today!

When homeowners in Fort Erie, Ontario, book their HVAC service with the team at Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning, they can rest assured knowing that their experience with us will go above and beyond their expectations. We work hard to ensure our inspections and maintenance routines are thorough from start to finish. Here is what you can expect when you book a service appointment for your HVAC in Fort Erie, Ontario, with the team at Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning:

  • Inspection of all electrical components of your HVAC unit.
  • Drain cleaning to remove any clogging. 
  • Application of lubricant to any mechanical components to ensure they function correctly without producing wear and tear.
  • Check your home’s thermostat to ensure all settings are functioning correctly and the temperature reading is accurate.
  • A thorough inspection of your HVAC unit to ensure all parts are functioning properly and to diagnose potential problems before they become more severe and costly. 
  • Cleaning or replacement of your HVAC unit’s air filter to remove built-up dirt, dust, hair, and other debris that may be preventing your HVAC unit from functioning correctly. 
  • Cleaning of your indoor and outdoor HVAC compartments should you have a split system installed in your home to remove dirt, dust, and other debris.

Are you overdue for maintenance on your HVAC system? No need to worry, the team at Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning has got you covered. Book a service appointment with us today!

The HVAC unit in your home is responsible for creating a comfortable living environment for you and your family throughout the year, regardless of what the weather is like outside. Therefore, when something goes wrong, not only can it cause your home to be uncomfortably cold or warm, but it can also reduce your indoor air quality, putting your family at risk of unexplained allergies and cold-like symptoms that can persist over time. Furthermore, without proper HVAC maintenance throughout the year, homeowners miss out on opportunities to diagnose potential problems before they become more serious and costly.

On the other hand, irregular maintenance can also significantly decrease the lifespan of your HVAC unit, which will also be more costly for you in the long run as well. In addition, should your HVAC unit has something wrong with it that goes undiagnosed, homeowners can expect their monthly heating and cooling bills to increase significantly over time. Therefore, by adopting a proactive maintenance routine with your HVAC each year, you can avoid costly repairs and ensure your home is operating as energy-efficient as possible.

With that said, not all signs are apparent when there is something wrong with your HVAC. Nonetheless, if you notice the following signs around your home, it may be time to call Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning:

  • There are odd odours coming from your HVAC unit.
  • The presence of mould and mildew in and around your HVAC unit. 
  • You notice a stark increase in your monthly energy bill.
  • Your thermostat will not turn on.
  • You can’t remember the last time you serviced your HVAC unit. 
  • You and your family are experiencing unexplained allergies. 
  • You find it difficult to heat or cool your home evenly.
  • Your HVAC unit is making weird noises such as grinding, clanking, and hissing sounds when it is turned on.
  • There is poor airflow coming through your air vents in each room. 
  • Your HVAC unit is not working at all. 
  • You discover a pest infestation in your air ducts. 
  • Your thermostat reading is inaccurate.

Do these signs sound familiar? Book an appointment with the team at Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning today!

Predictable Solutions for Unpredictable HVAC Problems in Fort Erie

Fort Erie is one of the most unique areas in all of Canada, let alone Ontario, and Mr. Furnace Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to live and work here.

Since 1978, we’ve been the go-to choice for round-the-clock furnace, air conditioner, boiler, water heater and air quality installation, repair, and maintenance.

The Better Business Bureau® agrees our expertise and standard of customer service is outstanding, and with our ENERGY STAR® partnership, we adhere to environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient practices, saving you money, in the short-term and long-term.

Dependable Heating & Cooling Services for Fort Erie Homeowners 24/7/365

As a homeowner, you put a lot of trust in your HVAC system to keep your home feeling comfortable all year round, so much so that it isn’t really a thought for most people.

So, when your HVAC system isn’t working as it should, it’s frustrating. Luckily, the certified techs at Mr. Furnace are always on-call for whatever HVAC problem comes your way, whenever you need us – even after-hours, weekends and holidays, at no extra charge.

See below for a full range of home comfort services available from Mr. Furnace.

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Take advantage of our advantage. All of our services are backed by guarantees, so you’re guaranteed to have your HVAC or air quality problem solved just right, the first time.

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From the home comfort specialist to the installers, Mr. Furnace was a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating. They went above and beyond from initial consultation to the end of installation. They committed to everything they said they would do and more. All work is certified and looks very clean and neat. They are even coming back in the spring for AC unit start up. If you need a new furnace, air conditioner, or just service I highly recommend Mr. Furnace.“​